Arise (Henchmen 2)

Arise, by Eric Lahti, continues the saga from the first book Henchmen, carrying on mere weeks after the events in Book 1. The content and the style are the same as the previous installment, so enjoyment of Henchmen would indicate the same with the current stage of the story.

Having released Dreamer, it seems our gang of heroes (loosely applying that label) has upset some very powerful beings who have decided to take out a contract on the main culprits. Whatever they are paying, it is enough to get Eve onto the job and consider doing in Steven herself. Arise is a solid lesson in being careful what you wish for. Dreamer has fulfilled every expectation and then some as he decides that he enjoys some measure of power. Wilford Saxton even becomes a tense ally of the group as he searches for his own answers. Churches, new villains and government-sanctioned conspiracies to create the ubermensch up against a group of gun-happy rebels with a bad attitude, and you have some serious action going on.

There are more significant errors in the typing of the book with some words clearly missing on some pages. However, you need to get further into the book before you start encountering them. They were a little more annoying, but they did not greatly diminish the enjoyment of the action and the characters therein.

Like the first volume, Arise is fast paced and light reading. It is not going to tax the mind, but it will solidly entertain the reader. Again, there is enough left open that it will draw you in and on through the story and beyond.

The new characters also add to the allure with a deep sense of mystery about either themselves as “people” or their motives in the grander arch of the plot. They remain unique and likeable characters. Even Saxton seems less of a prick as he develops in this tale.

It is with thanks that I was able to read a highly enjoyable book. Rooted firmly again the in urban fantasy tradition, fans of that genre will feel right at home with Steven and his friends. I was kept page-turning (metaphorically, of course) right to the end. This book was a worthy addition to the Henchmen trilogy that lost none of the momentum that it gathered in Henchmen.

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