Transmute (Henchmen 3)

Thus completes the third installment of Eric Lahti's Henchmen saga (the fourth book is coming). This has been a light read that has blended a range of different mythologies into a tight and complete urban fantasy series. The earthy feel of the narrative continues. If the movie rights were ever sold, Lahti should insist on the soundtrack being provided by Virginia's sons of psychedelic, Freedom Hawk.

Continuing the saga and Steven and Jessica's battle with Nazi buttwipes from the previous book, Transmute also introduces a much transformed Saxton, warranting a whole novel devoted to that character, so mind-blowing is the turn-around [hence an entire bloody book that I am going to have to read now.....thanks, Eric!]. Throughout the Transmute story, Steven also comes to better grips with being the God of Dreams and what he can do with it. Packed with action and soldier super-apes that were once human, Transmute is Lahti in his fill stride. I love this book.

Be warned: this book ends on a cliff-hanger and is only awaiting Lahti's completion of book 4. Yet, Transmute is a complete story in its own right, so the reader will not feel ripped off with the ending.

The editing has much improved as well, which was something that had mildly irked me with the previous books. While there are some typos here, they are far fewer and further between. It is a small thing, but makes a huge difference in the readability of the language.

Transmute continues the saga of Steven, Jessica and company, firmly comfortable for established fans with a novel and new development of the overall plot arch that has threaded its way through the series.

To wrap up, a few thanks are due. First, to the Chinese Communist Party for buggering up their management of the Covid-19 virus and then lying like hell about the real extent of the cluster-f**k that they allowed to be unleashed on the globe. Thanks are due as this prompted a large number of authors to savagely discount their ebooks, Eric Lahti among them. So, an even bigger thanks goes to Eric Lahti for putting his Henchmen books out there for free during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lahti and the CCP – what a team!

Transmute – a solid 4 Mandalas.